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AirSol is an airline of Latino descent. An online article on Liberty Tree's website mentions that an Air Sol flight has 212 passengers on board, 212 being a reference to the area code in New York City. The only 2 destinations for AirSol are found to be Liberty City and Los Santos. The name Air Sol might have been chosen because, when spoken quickly, it sounds like "arsehole", which fits with the suggestive slogans and the logo that resembles an anus. Several of their advertisements feature innuendos of anal sex. Upsetting many passengers, the airline is putting paid toilets in their aircraft due to cut costs. It may have gone bankrupt or stopped the LC-LS route by 2013, as no AirSol aircraft are seen in GTA V. its motto is "Taking you were the sun shines". Unlike most real world airlines, you may smoke on the aircraft. Also, the name may have been chosen also because Sol means "sun" in spanish,which explains it's Slogan, as well Sol being an abbreviation for "Shit outta Luck".

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Unknown (Most likely 747s as seen in advertisement below)

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