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Air Emu is an Australian airline appearing in GTA V. Its description is "Major international airline that has taken all the fun out of flying by monetizing every last detail of the travel experience, from the peanuts to the restrooms." This implies it is an international airline so it most likely has larger aircraft that Shamals. It's namesake is an Emu, ironically a flightless bird. Air Emu also schedules private flights. The "Take our birds anywhere you like" slogan also has reference in the word "bird", which is an Australian vernacular word meaning "Young woman". The billboard bearing the slogan also depicts a young woman wearing a uniform that reveals a lot of cleavage. The innuendo of the slogan and the uniform suggests that Air Emu hostesses are 'easy'. This could also be a reference to a Qantas air stewardess who gained notoriety in 2007 after joining the mile-high club in the aircraft lavatory with a passenger. The only known crash is a Air Emu flight were the plane was shot down by a missile by the game's protagonist. There was one survivor only to be killed later. Apparently according to a billboard, Air Emu has 42 worldwide destinations.

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The only aircraft seen are regional fictional "Shamal" Jets.

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