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Amerijet is a Fictional airline on the Airline Simulator wiki that serves as an airline simulator. it is the largest airline on the simulator. It is owner by a user "DustBox227". its hub is Chicago O'Hare International. It last had 218 employees and had a fleet of 9 aircraft. It last had a money amount of $14,578,000. it flies 5 main routes to Canada, Atlanta, London-Heathrow, Beijing, and Fulton County Airport. Its History description is "Founded in April 21st,2015 operating out of Chicago O'Hare as an International and Regional airliner, Amerijet has made a huge foothold in the Airliner business it will be tough for any other airline to tople its monopoly". It acquired Gatjet along its history and made it a subsidiary "Amerijet Express", which has one 737 in operation currently. This fictional airline is not to be confused with the real Amerijet, which is an all cargo airline.

Fleet Edit

There is a full range of jets in Amerijet's fleet.

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