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Atlantic International Airlines (AIA) is an airline company in Passenger 57. Unfortunately for them, the FBI decides to transport, Charles Rane, a criminal hacker, on the airline for a flight to the location of his trial. Mid-flight, Rane over powers the FBI and hijacks the aircraft. Eventually Rane was blown out of the aircraft and the airplane was returned to an airfield all thanks to Wesley Snipes. Not much else is known about the airline besides this incident, besides One of the in-flight meals are "Bloody" Sirloin Steaks, and Unfortunately for Atlantic International Airlines, the damage to its reputation had already been done. A court hearing failed to get to the bottom of how all those guns got past security, and the company folded in 1993. The airline is very similar to Trans World Airlines, but the livery is similar to LTU.

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The only known aircraft in it's fleet are Lockheed L-1011 Tristars, along with Helicopter, a Bell 206 jetranger.

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