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Logo as seen on the A300

Belarus Airways is the fictional flag carrier of the European country of Belarus. they were seen prominently in World War Z. During a Scheduled flight from Isreal to Wales, a Zombie appears to come out of a closet in the aircraft. Quickly realising that everyone on board faces certain death (especially when an attempt to prevent the outbreak with a stack of luggage fails to do the trick), UN operative Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) sets off a hand grenade, destroying several zombies but causing an air crash in the process. In the wake of the crash, Belarus Airways remained defiant. "Sure, Gerry Lane - if that is, in fact, his real name - saved the entire world with his zombie vaccine", a representative said, "but he destroyed several Welsh cottages with his hand grenade antics, and he owes us a new passenger jet. Besides, we have it on good authority that the people on board weren't zombies - they were just suffering from food poisoning brought on by the in-flight fish supper." The Airline has tried to increase its reputation after the incident.

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The Airline's fleet has been revealed to be an Airbus A310-300, with the registration CS-TEX.

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  • The aircraft that was involved in the incident, CS-TEX, is a former Tap Air Portugal Airbus A310-300, which was delivered in 1991. The aircraft is currently flying for Taban Airlines.

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