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Black Hole Airlines (BH) is an airline run by Black Hole inc. BHA is based in fictional city "Bayside City". It appears in The art and comic series by Tayd0g. It first appears in the comic series "The Boulder" were it is owned by Jarry Black, who in the 1990's learned how to create controlled Black Holes, and started a science company around it, and first ran it clean and well, but in the 21st century, he started being corrupted with power and starts using it to personal gains. He becomes the evil alter-ego "The Black Hole" and starts a criminal empire. Most likely Black Hole Airways is a branch of that company to expand into that field to make more money. It is unknown if it was involved in any of the corrupt things Jarry Black put Black Hole inc. into. One incident is when Super hero "The Boulder" brings down a BHA 747 on approach, onto Jarry Black, all crew and passengers Survive, and damages are payed for using the money stolen by The black Hole. its only supposed route known is Bayside City to New New York City, 2 fictional cities.

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