Canada World Airways (CWA) is a Canadian airline that appeared in the 1995 TV film Falling from the Sky: Flight 174.

Description Edit

Even though the entire film focuses on an incident involving the airline, not much background information is known about Canada World Airways.

Destinations Edit

Canada World Airways' known destinations is Montréal-Dorval Airport (present day Montréal–Trudeau International Airport) and Edmonton. In addition, as the name implies, the airline presumably flies to international destinations.

Influence Edit

Since the incident in the film is based off Air Canada flight 143, it is assumed Canada World Airways is influenced by Air Canada. However, the livery is somewhat similar to that used on the defunct Canadian Airlines.

Fleet Edit

Canada World Airways is depicted operating Boeing 767 aircraft.

Accidents and Incidents Edit

  • On July 23, 1983, Canada World Airways flight 174 is flying a brand-new Boeing 767 from Montréal-Dorval Airport to Edmonton International Airport when both the engines fail. The aircraft manages to make an emergency landing at Gimli Airport with no fatalities.

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