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Glatterflug is a German airline in The Fringe. It flies rules between the US and Germany. The engines on it's aircraft are made by "Massive Dynamic". "Glatter" is a German adjective which may be translated as glossier, slicker or smoother. "Flug" is a German noun which may be translated as "flight", "air flight" or "plane ride". There is no direct translation of Glatterflug, however "glatter (adj.) Flug" can be translated as "safe and comfortable flight" ( "Ich wünsch dir einen glatten Flug" is a phrase used by Luftwaffenpiloten (Air Force pilots) just before takeoff). One known accident is a Mysterious accident of Flight 627 of Glatterflug, which was hamburg to Boston. The passengers started mysteriously decaying in flight and eventually the pilots so the airplane crashed and burnt killing 147 people aboard the 747. In a parallel universe Glatterflug flies daily flights to the moon and back.

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The only aircraft known to be in the fleet are 747s, as well as unknown types of Spacecraft.

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