The Sea Duck at the Higher for Hire Headquarters

Higher for Hire (HFH) is an airmail and cargo service seen in the animated Disney Studios animated television series "Tailspin". It is based in the fictional town of "Cape Suzette". It also is revealed to deliver cargo to internationally. The company was once named "Balloo's Air service", when a Bear named Balloo owned the company. It was bought by Rebecca Cunningham after it fell into bankruptcy and renamed it. It operates one plane, a seaplane called the "Sea Duck".


Rebecca Cunningham: company owner

Employees Edit

Baloo: Previous owner

Kit Cloudkicker: Air navigator

Wildcat: Company mechanic

Fleet Edit

The fleet is just one seaplane. It is nicknamed the "Sea Duck". The sea duck is a Modified Fictional airplane , "Conwing L-16", the plane has gone through many things such as volcanoes, air pirates and more.

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