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Oceanic Airlines, is a widely known fictional airline company. It appears in many universes, movies, and TV shows. It is known as the unluckiest airline in the world.

It was most famously featured in TV Show Lost where a Oceanic Air Flight 815 crashes on an island. Some of it's history reveals it was founded in 1979. During the investigation of Flight 815; after failing to find anything, the company was pushed to close the case so that they could resume flights and recover from loss of business. Apparently before Flight 815, Oceanic had a clear 30 year safety record.

In Executive Decision, Oceanic Flight 343 was hijacked by an islamic terrorist.

In a comic titled Alex, there was an Oceanic Crash in the Amazon rainforest where there was a sole survivor.

In Code 11-14, an Oceanic Flight 816 LA-Sydney, on a Boeing 747SP, a FBI agent was searching for a murderer aboard.

In Nowhere to land, an Oceanic Airlines 747 has a bomb aboard, detonating 1-hour before landing.

In Buffy The Vampire Slayer, an Oceanic Airlines flight loses a wing and is saved just before it crashes. On a flight from NYC to London, a Oceanic Air marshal is murdered, so the FBI must find him as soon as the plane lands.

In Flipper Ocean Airways Flight 17 crashed into an ocean.

In White Collar, Ocean Airways Flight 1097 was targeted by the Pink Panthers.

In the video game Dead Island, Oceanic Airlines Flight 1012 crashes into the jungle with Zombies on board.

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Oceanic over the years has been seen to carry Boeing 747s, and several 2 and 3 engine aircraft ranging from A310s to Boeing 767s.

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Oceanic Airlines Commercial 2009

Oceanic Airlines Commercial 2009

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