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The logo appears numerous times throughout the film, though this is the clearest view of it

Pacific Asean Airlines is an Asian airline that appeared in the 2018 romantic comedy film Crazy Rich Asians.

Description Edit

The airline makes its first appearance towards the beginning of the film where the protagonists, Nick and Rachael, travel to Singapore on a Pacific Asean Airlines flight for the wedding of his best friend Colin. The airline makes its other appearance towards the latter half of the film where Rachael and Kerry takes a Pacific Asean Airlines flight back to the US from Singapore, but Nick proposes Rachael just as she was boarding the aircraft, to which she accepts. The airline seems to be a very luxurious one, as their upper classes consists of suites and a bar.

Influence Edit

Pacific Asean Airlines appears to be based on Singapore Airlines, due to their somewhat large presence at Changi Airport and their similar livery to Singapore Airlines. Moreover, their first class cabins nearly parallel to that seen in Singapore Airline's fleet.

Destinations Edit

The airline is known to fly to the following destinations:

  • New York City, NY-John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
  • Singapore-Changi Airport (SIN)

Fleet Edit

Pacific Asean Airlines is shown operating Airbus A330s and Airbus A380s.

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Trivia Edit

  • The nature of the exterior shot of Pacific Asean Airlines' aircraft at Changi Airport is most likely stock footage of the airport in real life, with the airliners' liveries (most of them possibly belonging to Singapore Airlines) edited. This further strengthens the fact that Pacific Asean is based off of Singapore Airlines.
  • Furthermore, an Airbus A320 is seen on the runway in the same shot. However, since the aircraft is far away, it cannot be confirmed if this is operated by Pacific Asean.
  • The word "Asean" is actually the abbreviation of "Association of South East Asian Nations" in real life.
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