Panau Air is an airline that was featured in the 2010 action-adventure video game Just Cause 2.

Description Edit

Panau Air is the flag carrier of the fictional country Panau and also appears to be the only airline serving the territory. Given that the airline is a government business, it could possibly be one of the cheapest airlines in the world. The airline's aircraft are painted in four different colours, which are green, yellow, blue or red.

Panau Air's main base of operations is most likely Panau International Airport. Panau Air is the only airline seen flying in and out of the airport.

Influence Edit

It could be based on various Asian carriers including Thai Airways, both the older and government schemes, and Air Koryo, the flag carrier of North Korea, which is the only airline based in the country.

Destinations Edit

All aircraft that take off at airports, are programmed to rise to a certain height and then continue flying forever, in a straight line. So in that sense, all fights are international. 

Fleet Edit

The airline operates a fleet of fictional "Aeroliner 474" commercial airliners.

Trivia Edit

  • All Panau Air pilots are actually Panauan Air Force pilots.
  • Strangely, the pilots in the passenger jets are dressed like everyday soldiers, just like the pilots of military jets. This is very strange, because as revealed in the mission Airport Troubles, the game does actually have character models with real pilot uniforms. At high altitude oxygen is scarce, so the pilots would need proper gear to survive. This must mean that even the smallest Panauan aircraft have pressurized cabins.
  • Strangely there are three different coloured liveries, all going on the same route. This is odd for an airline. One explanation could be that the different colours represent different branches of the airline, although nothing other than the colour changes with the variations.
  • There are never any actual passengers in the jets, other than in a few missions that involve getting someone to a plane, or flying a plane with someone in it.
    • One such example is Airport Troubles, when you have to bring someone called Little Guy to the Roaches and he is in a Cassius 192. Ultimately his fate is left to the player as the Roaches found a new Korean hacker.

Videos Edit

Panau Air flight

Panau Air flight

Humorous example of a Panau Air flight

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