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Trans-American Airlines (TA) is an American airline that appeared in the 1980 satirical disaster film Airplane!, and in the 1987 road buddy comedy film Planes,Trains, and Automobiles.


The airline plays a huge role in Airplane!, where the crew are struck by a virus, and the fate of the passengers now depend on ex-war pilot Ted Striker, who is the only one able to land the plane safely, which he does. It is known to have bad food (the cause of the virus) and terrible in flight entertainment. TA makes a cameo in Planes,Trains, and Automobiles, as reused exterior footage from Airplane!.

Known Employees[]

  • Clarence Oveur (Captain)
  • Rex Kramer (Captain)
  • Elaine Dickinson (Flight Attendant)
  • Roger Murdock (Co-pilot)


Trans American Airlines is based on Trans World Airlines (TWA), more particularly their 1975-1996 livery.


2 known aircraft serve TA:

  • Boeing 707s
  • Boeing 747s

At one point in the film, a toy Boeing 727 in a Trans American livery appears. It is not sure if the airline actually flies this aircraft.

Accidents and Incidents[]

  • In Airplane!, the flight crew of a Trans-American flight from Los Angeles to Chicago are food-poisoned, leading to the protagonist landing the plane himself. Despite the landing gear being torn off during the landing, the passengers only suffer minor injuries.
  • Another, less noteworthy incident takes place in Airplane!, where a Trans-American Boeing 747 crashes into the terminal building caused by the ground crew. It is unknown if there were any injuries.




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