Transnational was an airline seen in Family Guy. It was an airline Glenn Quagmire worked for. Because Peter wanted his pickup to fly he put all a Transnational 767's jet fuel in it. Once the flight (which Quagmire was flying) tookeoff, it runs out of fuel midair, and makes a crash landing, quagmire saves it, and there were no deaths. The liveries of transnational seem to not have any words on it, as the only way we know the airline is Transnational, is because later, the news broadcast revealed it was a Transnational Jet.

Fleet Edit

The Airplane is identified as a Boeing 767, which is weird because the flight was Quahog, Rhode Island (A fictional city in The Show) to Atlanta,Georgia. That flight is too short for 767s.

Incidents and Accidents Edit

A Transnational Boeing 767 was forced to make an emergency landing on a remote field after the plane ran out of fuel in flight. Everyone on board survives.

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