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TruWest Airlines is an airline featured in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 and Fear The Walking Dead, as part of The Walking Dead franchise.

Description Edit

In Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462, one of the airline's flights is the centre of attention, featuring a group of survivors on one of their aircraft in the earliest moments of a zombie outbreak. Besides this, not much background information is known about TruWest Airlines.

Known Employees Edit

  • Deidre (Flight Attendant)

Destinations Edit

TruWest Airlines' only known destinations are within the United States:

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Phoenix, AZ

Fleet Edit

The airline is seen operating an Airbus A320.

Accidents and Incidents Edit

  • TruWest Airlines flight 462 is an Airbus A320 flying from Los Angeles to Phoenix, when a passenger dies and reanimates as a zombie, and the ordeal ends when an air marshal's gun bullet pierces a window, causing a depressurization. The aircraft eventually broke apart over the coast of California, with much of the wreckage landing in the Pacific Ocean and other pieces on a nearby beach and in the desert close by. Of the 148 souls on board, at least six are known to have survived the initial crash though most subsequently died. The wreckage was later found by Madison's group a couple of weeks after the crash by which point most everyone was dead or dying. Needing supplies for The Abigail, Madison's group combed through the wreckage, recovering several useful items before the arrival of a herd forced them to flee.
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