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Volée Airlines is a French airline in the horror film, Final Destination. One incident has been known with the airline, Volée Flight 180, a flight from New York to Paris on a Boeing 747 that explodes mid-air due to its catastrophic engine failure (as revealed in Final Destination 5). Luckily, a group of teens step off the plane before it takes off, only to be killed when the plane exploded. When the passengers board, they died in the unrelated incidents due to the fact that their planes hadn't been re-organised. Volée Airlines released a statement in 2001 stating that horrible and unexpected deaths were statistically rare among their customers. In a bid to drum up business, passengers were also given vouchers entitling them to a free in-flight chicken dinner and a single cup of house white wine. In French, volée means flight. Also, Volée has the colours of the French flag.

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The only known aircraft are Boeing 747-200s.

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