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World Airlines 1932 to 1970's logo

World Airways (WA) is a fictional airline founded in 1932 (1910 in other sources) and is part of Tayd0g's art and comic series'. It flies to several destinations including Atlanta. There is a real airline called World Airways, but it usually only operates cargo. A huge amount of aircraft don't have a photo and cannot be named (Look at Fleet) but alot were made by fictional company Gormei . In the ad from Summer 1951, it reveals until the 1970's, it was simply called "World Air". It is loosely based on Trans World Airways (TWA). Its only accident was when a World Airways Boeing 767 flight crashed onto an island, the comic this appeared in was scrapped, so the crash most likely never really happened. In the Paper City Comic series, it references World Airways having 200 destinations.

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Some of its aircraft cannot be shown, including many Gormei aircraft, in 1951, DC-3s and Lockheed Constellations and Boeing 707s and DC-8s were in order. In one comic it was also seen to own DC-10s. In the 1951 ad there is what looks to be C-46 Skytrains. The world Airlinesowns many aircraft not seen, we can provide the names but no photos, they are all fictional aircraft Built by fictional company Gormei and a few others to a lesser extent. The aircraft also reveal there is a freight branch of WA, the aircraft are Gormei Sabreliner Freight(1968-today), Gormei Sabreliner MK2 (1997-today), Gormei Sabreliner (1931-1999), Gormei G-14 Tub II(1969-2002), Gormei G-13 Tub (1948-1956), Gormei X-41 Seeker (1988-Today) Gormei C-190"Box Plane" (1961-1963), Gormei Passenger Fortress (1978-2008), Gormei G-01B Wumbo Jet (1980-Today), Gormei G-01A Wumbo Jet (1986-2008), Gormei WCT CT-90 Civil Version (1942-1996), Gormei G-02 Wumbo Jet (1969-Today), Gormei G-03A Wumbo Jet (1934-Today), Gormei G-03B Wumbo Jet (1979-2005), Gormei G-04 Wumbo Jet Megaliner (1965-Today), Gormei G-05 Wumbo Jet (1966-Today), Gormei G-06 Wumbo Jet (1997-2012), Gormei G-07 Wumbo Jet (2000-Today), Grangerliner Lenn-Y-Liner, Stat Co. Super-Jet, The Heliliner XL, and the Gormei TF-220 Asian Commuter.

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